Tragedy in Ohio Nursing Home – Active Shooter/Hostage situation

Sadly, the statement that “it will never happen here” is one we often hear about in emergency preparedness and healthcare – more specifically in the long term care setting.  On May 12, 2017 – a nursing home in Ohio was faced with this scenario – and it was not a drill.  The following link will take you to a timeline of occurrences during the day.

Please feel free to review this article and try to envision what you would be doing in your facility if this occurred.


Minnesota HomeCare Conference – Emergency Preparedness 101

On Wednesday, May 10th, I had the pleasure of presenting at the Minnesota HomeCare Conference.  With the recent upgrade to the CMS requirements, Emergency Preparedness is a hot topic for many agencies that have not had to have the level of preparedness that hospitals have.  This presentation discussed how to get a preparedness program up and running, the specifics regarding how to do a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis, and how to implement a training and exercise program.  There was a lot of great discussion.  I look forward to incorporating HomeCare agencies in our regional planning and support efforts.

Shawn Stoen, RHPC, WCMHPC