Preparedness Plans

Response Plans

WCMHPC Response Plans

WCMHPC Response Plan June 2019

Appendix 3.3 Job Action Sheets and Planning P

Appendix 3.4.1 HICS Forms_2015

Appendix 3.4.2 Resource Request, Receipt and Promissory Agreement

Appendix 3.4.3 Essential Elements of Information

Appendix 3.4.4 Essential Elements of Information Template

Appendix 3.5.1 Regional Patient Tracking Plan _Jan 2019

Appendix EMTALA Form (Patient Tracking) Day to Day

Appendix WCMHPC Regional Emergency Medical Transfer Active Labor Act – EMTALA form

Appendix Mass Casualty Event Patient tracking process

Appendix Patient tracking decision tree for Mass Casualties

Appendix Master Patient tracking form instructions

Appendix Regional HICS 254 MNTrac Master Patient tracking form

Appendix Facility Evacuation Patient tracking process

Appendix HICS 260 – Patient Evacuation Tracking Form (Detailed patient to go list…)

Appendix Patient tracking information flow

Appendix Day to Day Tracking Process for Long Term Care, Home Health, Assisted Living and Hospice

Appendix Day to Day Tracking Process for Long Term Care, Home Health, Assisted Living and Hospice

Appendix Resident Transfer form for LTC, Home Health, Assisted Living, and Hospice


Appendix 3.5.3 WCMHPC Coalitions Communication Plan – June 2019

Appendix Inter_Regional_Comm_Recommendations_2018.06.20_Final

Appendix Cross State MNTrac Communications process – June 2019

Appendix 3.5.4 WCMHPC Regional Pediatric Surge Plan – September 2019

Appendix Minnesota Pediatric Surge Plan

Appendix 3.5.5 WCMHPC Resource Request Plan – June 2019

Appendix WCMHPC Regional Cache inventory

Appendix 3.5.6 WCMHPC Medical Surge Coordination – June 2019

Appendix Crisis Standards of Care – June 2019

Appendix WCMHPC Coalitions Region Burn Surge Plan – June 2019

Appendix Minnesota State Burn Surge Plan

Appendix 3.5.7 WCMHPC Mass Fatality Planning

Appendix 3.5.8 Handling of Solid Waste Contaminated with a Category ‘A’ Infectious Waste

Appendix 3.5.9 MN Volunteer Workforce Plan