LTC Preparedness Workshop


Despite the fact that many people in Central and West Central MN experienced freezing rain and snow during their morning commute; we had a great turnout for our Long Term Care Preparedness Conference on January 10, 2017. Thank you all for being safe!

Our intent for the day was to share the new CMS rules, to understand that as a coalition we are never alone in dealing with a disaster, we learned how to fill out an HVA, what the different components are within the new rules and where to start if you haven’t already. A panel of speakers shared their own stories of disaster experiences from the past that gave us an awareness that disasters not only could happen but have happened in Long Term Care.

An important message gained from this workshop was the importance of being a member of the Healthcare Coalition. It was stressed many times throughout the conference that we are not alone; in times of need there are processes in place that can help you get the assistance you need without you having to do all the work.

If you are not a part of the coalition in Central MN at this time, please contact Don Sheldrew or Karen Legg for more information.

If you are in the West Central MN Region please contact Shawn Stoen at or at 320-760-3513.