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Behavioral Health Staff Wellness

Behavioral Health Staff Wellness

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4th Installment of Behavioral Health Staff Wellness

Hello to you on this day.  Did you notice that the daylight is getting longer?  Perhaps you were able to enjoy activities that are relaxing, rejuvenating or invigorating over the weekend.  If you are one of the many healthcare providers that worked this weekend – thank you.  Your “weekend” comes at a different time and it can be just as restful, relaxing and invigorating.


In a continued effort to support you these tools are offered for you this week.



Last week in the presentation given by Jonathan Bundt, “The Lion and the Gazelle,” the dynamic about your body communicating to your brain vs your brain communicating to your body were introduced.  He shared that 80% of stress communication is from your body to your brain, leaving only 20% of communication from the brain to the body. This statistic was an awakening truth for many.  It is counter to the concept that we can “think” ourselves into a calmer healthier self.  The body needs to physically engage and release!  When it is suggested that we focus on eating well, resting well and take time for ourselves it is so that your body remains healthy as it signals information to our brain.  This week the Relaxation Response is our focus.  In this “one pager” you will read about the parasympathetic system that tells the body to rest and digest.  There is science to support our urging you to relax. The document gives you steps to take to elicit the Relaxation Response.  (The Gazelle and the Lion one pager and the recording will be on the web site by end of week – thank you for your patience while we build the website)



Over the duration of this 11 month pandemic there have been a number of “topics” of concern – PPE, Testing, staffing and now vaccine.  Overall this tool identifies Seven Things You as a Leader Can Do Right Now ( and it may need some adjusting based on the topic you are addressing.  It can be adapted to address the concerns facing your staff today.


Reaching for a Calm ’21 Brown Bag Series

The series is now available for you to register.  Once registered you will receive a calendar invite that will populate your calendar with the zoom information.

January 26 topic is  “Strengthen your Wisdom to reduce caring fatigue”

  • During times of persistent and personally invasive crisis and stress that seem to penetrate into our bones, it is helpful to shake off our own sense of isolation and  join in the wisdom and teachings of those who have gone before us.
  • Yes, we are not the first healthcare/caring people who have faced seemingly overwhelming caring fatigue. However, now it is our turn.
  • Listen to my thoughts and words that will provide insight, perspectives and practical everyday applications to recognize the outer chaos, and develop an inner strength, calmness and healing.
  • Despite the pain and suffering, we can create something powerful and beautiful within us.

Glenn Tobey is our guest speaker. He works as a psychotherapist (LICSW) in private practice in Duluth, MN and has a rich psychological understanding of growing relationships. He is also a Spring Forest Qigong Master and has a rich understanding of an Eastern healing and a healthy way of life of life philosophy. Both complement each other beautifully. Glenn has provided numerous workshops, classes and trainings where the participants have generally remarked: “profound”, “insightful”, “thoughtful”, “practical”. His work over the years has reflected community cooperation, coordination, and collaboration.

Please register and share with your colleagues and any other responders.



Stress Continuum

Hospital Specific Links

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Monoclonal AntiBody Information

PPE Request process

  1. All requests from law enforcement, first responders and fire are to go through their county emergency manager.
  2. All Ambulance Services are to go through the process sent out to them from the EMSRB.
  3. The health care facility will be required to go to the RedCap link and answer the questions and submit….here is the link:

Respiratory Protection Plan

Testing Information

Testing Information

For Long term care specific testing information – see the LTC tab

MDH Evaluating and Testing


Vaccine Information


The health care coalitions are currently working with our hospital partners to disseminate the ultra-cold Pfizer BioNTech vaccine.  Current vaccination efforts are focused on healthcare workers in the Phase 1a First Priority listings. (see the MDH Guidance for Allocating and Prioritizing COVID-19 vaccine).  Once the First Priority group is completed the Hospitals will move onto the 2nd and 3rd priorities – within their systems.

Clinics/Providers/others listed in the 2nd and 3rd tier that are not part of the hospital systems are encouraged to visit the Minnesota Department of Health Vaccine site to complete a Provider Agreement and for further direction and guidance on COVID-19 vaccinations.

MDH COVID-19 Vaccine Site for Healthcare

MDH Interim COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Guide

MDH Guidance for Allocating and Prioritizing COVID-19 Vaccine – Phase 1a

MDH Vaccine Dashboard – summarizes vaccine efforts statewide

CDC COVID019 Vaccine Page

COVID-19 Vaccination Training Programs and Reference Materials for Healthcare Professionals

Recipient Education – CDC

CDC Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit



PFIZER BioNTech COVID – 19 Vaccine Site


Moderna Vaccine site