OKAY….so the West Central region does not have a NEW HEALTH SYSTEM………..

On May 11, 2018, Douglas County Hospital announced that they have changed their name.

CEO, Carl Vagness shared the following:

Our new name better describes our passion and purpose, not just our ownership or county.
The name Alomere is a combination of the Latin “alo”—meaning to nurture or strengthen—and the Old English word “mere”, or lake. These two concepts honor our passion and purpose along with our heritage and location. Alomere Health is a name that feels both soothing and strong, one that honors our specific culture and community. It’s also a name that better embraces the wide range of people who receive care here—from distances far beyond Douglas County, thanks to our strong reputation for quality health care.

Our new name creates new opportunities.
When Douglas County Hospital, Alexandria Clinic and Heartland Orthopedics merged, not very many years ago, it opened the doors to new and exciting opportunities. Since then, we’ve worked together to redefine health care for our community—because we share a vision to maintain locally owned care and integrated relationships as health care providers. Alomere Health is a name that has never been defined, so we can make it truly our own—opening doors to more new and exciting opportunities, as we continue to expand programs and services to patients throughout our region. Alomere Health is a name we can be proud to call our own—something completely unique to us. It’s a name that can take us well into the future.


I would like to congratulate the Emergency Management team at Alomere Health on their new name…..I look forward to our continued work together!!